DIY Installation Kit and Testers

7-way Trailer Emulator
Part Number: TE6562 7-Way Trailer Emulator is used for the proper installation and set-up of a brake control when a trailer is not readily available. Brake control set-up is accomplished using a built-in load module that will simulate electric magnet brakes on a trailer. (The emulator will also check electrical continuity of all circuits in the 7-Way blade style connector.)
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Price: $28.95
DIY installation kit with 7 & 4 multi tow plug with bracket
Everything Needed to Hook Up Most Brake Controls Without a Tow Package Contains: 20 - Zip Ties, 15' Black Wire - 12 Gauge, 4 - Butt Splices, 15' White Wire - 12 Gauge, 1 - Ring Connector, 25' Blue Wire - 12 Gauge, Splice Connector, 3' Red Wire - 16 Gauge 1 - 20 Amp Fuse Assembly, and 7 way round blade style and 4 way flat multi-tow plug with mounting bracket.
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Price: $45.00
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