Installation - If you have a B&W Turnoverball®, Factory-Ready four-puck truck, or already have rails, we can fit them.

Effortless - B&W's handle works, even in a bind.  The Companion® and Patriot handle operates effortlessly and never leaves you in a bind, thanks to the use of a cam.  When the handle is open, the cam moves out of the way allowing the jaws to open when you pull away and uncouple.  When the handle is closed, the cam prevents the jaws from opening, preventing accidental release.

Quiet Ride - You might forget you're towing.  B&W set out to build a hitch with the smoothest ride in the industry.  B&W's jaws are machined to precisely fit your coupler, so the isn't room for sloppiness.  A spring allows side-to-side movement without slamming.  And the whole coupler rides on polyurethane bushings that absorb roughness from the road.

Adjustable - Clearance for your cab and bed sides is built in.  A series of holes in the base gives you both height and distance adjustability.  Switching the slanted arms from one side to the other increases the distance.'

Slider Option - Short bed? No problem.  The Companion® and Patriot is also available as a slider to help you navigate those tight corners with a short bed truck.  Flip the lever and the Companion® and Patriot slides back 12 inches so you can maneuver without getting your trailer into your cab.  When you're ready to tow, flip the lever again and the slider locks into place as you back up.

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