2,000 lbs. Dexter® Trailer Axles

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2,000 lb. Standard Spring Dexter® Trailer Axle
Trailer Axle: 1 3/4" x 3/16" nominal wall round tubing available in straight only. Idler Hubs Available: 4-4", or 5-4.5". Lubrication: Grease. Spindle: Type BT9 with an inner and outer journal dimension of 1 1/16". Trailer axle price does not include springs, hangers, or u-bolts. Trailer axles are available in different lengths or hub faces. Maximum Overhang = 15" Minimum Overhang = 10" Overhang is the difference between the spring center and the hub face. Exceeding the maximum overhang will result in reduced axle capacity. Minimum Overhang dimensions are based on zero offset wheels and physical clearances; and are determined by suspension type, wheel and tire combination.  Axles are straight axles, not cambered.  Coated with standard black paint.  Axle seats and lug nuts come loose with axle.  Trailer axle assembly contains trailer axle beam with pressed in spindles, hubs (races pressed), bearings, grease cap, and grease seal, axle seats, and lug nuts.

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2,000 lbs. Trailer Axle Suspension kit Including Leaf Springs, Hanger & U-Bolt kit.

  • Fits Dexter Axles
This kit includes:
  • 2x 2 leaf 25 1/4" double eye spring 1250 lbs. each. 1 3/4" wide & will accept a 9/16" shackle bolt. Nylon bushing are included.
  • 1x Single Hanger Kit for double eye spring.
  • 1x 1 3/4" round U-bolt kit, bolt length 4", 3/8" diameter, for 1 3/4"
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Price: $142.99
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