Wheel Locks

Heavy Duty Wheel Lock
Part Number: EZ300
Protect your unattended trailer with Blaylock's heavy duty wheel lock.
Fits most 15" 205, 215, F78, H78 wheels.
Easy to use. Install and remove in just seconds.
Includes cone-style lug nut locks designed to be permanently mounted on wheel.
Heavy duty plastic covers to protect rims.
Will fit some 13" and 14" wheels.
Use on trailers for highway safety products, message boards, utility generators, etc.
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Price: $82.95
Heavy Duty Wheel Lock for Large 15" - 20" Wheels
Part Number: EZ302
Protect your unattended trailer with Blaylock's new heavy duty wheel lock. Fits large 15" - 20" wheels.
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Price: $100.95
Ultra-Max Wheel Lock with Disc to cover lugs nuts and prevent tire removal and theft. Easily adjusts to fit many different size tires and wheels.
TWL100 TRIMAX Adjustable Wheel Lock. Fits Nearly All 10" - 18" Wheels. Easy Installation - includes all tools needed. Complete Instructions included. Heavy Gauge Steel Disk - covers lug nuts to prevent tire removal. Clamps tight to wheel for added security. Rugged weather proof epoxy. Powder coat finish prevents rust.
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Price: $163.95
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