Hub/Drum Assemblies

Free Ground Shipping & Volume Pricing 12" hub/drum, 8 studs 6.5" bolt circle with 9/16" studs and a 4.75" center bore built to run a hub piloted 17.5"x 6.75"steel wheel part number 175675850MOD  or Alcoa aluminum wheel 661401.  This hub group uses a 25580 inner and 14125A outer bearing. Contains inner bearing, outer bearing, seal, and grease cap. If you are running  17.5" x 6.75"Hub piloted wheels, Swiveling flange Lug nuts are available here.  If you are running 16" Stud piloted single wheels, 60° cone lug nuts are available here. This hub and drum does not increase the weight carrying capacity of the trailer axle. (42 Spindle)
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Price: $154.99
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