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Agility Brake Control w/Tekonsha Style Plug in Connector
The Agility is a styled proportional brake control with digital display.  Inertia activated accelerometer instantly activates brakes. Controller mirrors braking action of tow vehicle, greatly...

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Price: $89.95 
Brake-Force Brake Control w/Tekonsha Style Plug in Connector
The Brake-Force is a styled Timing activated brake control with LED indicator that shows braking intensity.  Control comes equipped with Tekonsha style plug giving you the ability to use your...

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Price: $57.95 
DirecLink Brake Controller
DirecLink links with your tow vehicles's computer network and uses multiple data parameters in a prorietary way to create amazingly proportional trailer...

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Price: $324.95 
Impulse Digital Brake Control w/Tekonsha Style Plug in Connector
The Impulse is a styled Timing activated brake control with digital display.  Control comes equipped with Tekonsha style plug giving you the ability to use your Tekonsha direct plugin...

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Price: $77.95 
Insight Flex-Mount Brake Control w/Tekonsha Style Plug in Connector
Designed for ultimate convenience and safety, the insight flex-mount brake control solves the problem of inconvenient mounting, out of reach controls and difficult to see displays of traditional...

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Price: $97.95 
Hayes G2 Brake Boss Brake Controller
Elegance, meet extreme brake controlling! The sleek, new G2 Brake Boss is not only stylish and smart, it provides safer braking with the market’s ONLY audible alert signal! Installation is a snap...

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Price: $124.95 
Hayes BlackBird Brake Controller
The Blackbird is a the ultimate in digital time-based trailer braking – giving you BIG power in the palm of your hand. The Blackbird operates seamlessly with electric and electric-over hydraulic...

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Price: $59.95 
Hayes Endeavor Brake Controller
Digital, Easy to use, Compact and lightweight, Illuminates trailer lights when using manual braking, Inertia controller, Handles up to 4 axles, Display reads current, percent of power, and...

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Price: $98.95 
Hayes Energize III Brake Controller
Superior responsiveness. Fully adjustable gain setting wheel. Compatible with all electronic systems. Wide range of mounting positions; perfect for steep dash surface mounting. Easy adjustment and...

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Price: $78.95 
Hayes Engage Brake Controller
The Engage is a digital time based controller and is the top of the line time based brake controller. This controller is equipped with a digital display allowing you to select adjustable voltage...

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Price: $78.95 
Hayes Syncronizer Brake Controller
The Syncronizer modulates and controls current from the battery to the trailer brakes. The longer the brake pedal is depressed the greater the current delivered to the trailer brakes until the...

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Price: $59.95 
Tekonsha Primus IQ Brake Controller
Tekonsha Primus IQ proportional electric trailer brake control for up to 3 braking axles. Works proportionally in reverse. No level adjustment necessary. Digital display shows voltage to...

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Price: $94.95 
Tekonsha Prodigy P2
No level adjustment necessary - it adjusts itself to varying terrain as you drive. Works proportionally in reverse. Digital display depicts voltage delivery to trailer during braking....

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Price: $124.95 
Tekonsha Prodigy RF
Introducing the first radio frequency brake control designed by Tekonsha, a leader in electric brake control technology. This proportional trailer mounted braking system is perfect for use...

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Price: $308.95 
Tekonsha P3 Brake Controller
For 1, 2, 3 & 4 Axle Trailers. Distinct, easy to see LCD display with multiple color and contrast options. Allows the user to switch between Electric and Hydraulic brakes. Highly...

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Price: $144.15 
Tekonsha Voyager
The Voyager® incorporates Tekonsha’s patented braking sensor and is the best value you’ll find for smooth and secure trailer braking. It’s compact size and features, like a bicolored LED brake...

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Price: $78.95 
Hayes Air/Electric Brake Controller
Part Number K1100400B-278614
The air actuated electric trailer brake controller provides smooth brake actuation. The electric brakes on the trailer operate off of the air brake...

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Price: $224.95 
DIY installation kit with 7 & 4 multi tow plug with bracket
Everything Needed to Hook Up Most Brake Controls Without a Tow Package Contains: 20 - Zip Ties, 15' Black Wire - 12 Gauge, 4 - Butt Splices, 15' White Wire - 12 Gauge, 1 - Ring Connector, 25' Blue...

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Price: $45.00 
The BrakeRite II RF applies the outstanding BrakeRite EHB performance with radio frequency control to provide quality braking for trailers to be towed by vehicles without the standard, hard...

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Price: $1,199.95   
7-way Trailer Emulator
Part Number: TE6562 7-Way Trailer Emulator is used for the proper installation and set-up of a brake control when a trailer is not readily available. Brake control set-up is accomplished using a...

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Price: $28.95 


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